Business Valuations

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Actuarial Valuation in India

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    Business Valuations may be required for corporate governance, regulatory reasons and also management reviews as a critical input to facilitate the critical decision making. Various factors like the industry, the development stage of the company, it’s capital investment source, etc. all impacts the Business Valuation. Further, the local compliances and the purpose of valuation adds to its complexity.

    Accurate Business Valuation may be critical for a company & its stake holders at the following milestone events:

    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Leveraged buyouts
    • IPOs, ESOPs
    • Partner or shareholder buy-ins & buy-outs
    • Stock redemptions
    • Business Loans

    At KGA, we engage a customized and transparent approach to the scope of business valuations to meet our client’s requirements and objectives of it and help our clients to determine the fair price for the business. We undertake following valuation methods:

    Asset Approach

    Market Approach

    Income Approach

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