IFRS Valuations

Make informed decisions with the help of integrated services provided by our experts for a wide array of valuations.

Actuarial Valuation in India

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    We at KGA, provide integrated services for a wide array of valuations and enable our clients to derive the market value of Investment Instruments, Contingent Liabilities, Complex Loans, Financial Contracts, Credit Guarantees, Credit Instruments, and Other Assets & Liabilities.

    These IFRS valuations are conducted in accordance with the Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS), US GAAP and local accounting standards of numerous countries. Our experts engage different methods for valuations which largely differs from case to case.

    Financial Instrument Under IFRS 9

    Financial instruments like complex loan arrangements with third parties, derivatives, guarantees and other contracts constitute for IFRS 9. We assist our clients to run through due diligence and provide our expert consultation on apt measures for such instruments under IFRS 9.

    Customer Loyalty Programs Under IFRS 15

    Many companies run loyalty programs like bonus points schemes and others for customers. It is required to make apt provision of these schemes in the book of accounts. Our team studies these schemes, assess the customer behavior and provide our valuation of the points accrued.

    Product Warranties Under IAS 37

    Liabilities arising from repairs and replacement of faulty products fall under IAS 37. Companies are required to establish these liabilities on the balance sheets. We provide actuarial valuations of such liabilities and help our clients make provisions for them.

    Employee Benefits Liabilities Under IFRS 2 & IAS 19

    Employee Remuneration is categorized under IFRS 9 whereas the benefit plans like leave encashment, pension & gratuity fall under IAS 19. We are well-known for our Employee Benefits Actuarial Services in the industry. We offer our expert valuation services under IAS 19 & IFRS 2 and other accounting standards.


    Insurance Contracts Under IFRS 17 & IFRS 4

    IFRS 4 was replaced when the International Accounting Standards Boards issued IFRS 17. However, for insurance companies, both are applicable for valuation and accounting their contract. Our industry experts provide consultation and valuation services in this domain.